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Green Pesto 190g


Black and Green Pitted Olives 240g


Green Pitted Olives - Crespo 198g


Spirit – Smirnoff Vodka – Green Apple – (37.5%) – 70cl


A crisp twist on the smooth premium vodka from natural apple flavours. One of the most popular flavoured vodkas. Clean vodka taste with an intriguing hint of both sweet and sour apple. Can be served with wide range of mixers including cranberry juice, whisky and sour mix. Made with natural apple flavours and Smirnoff No. 21 vodka distilled from the finest grains. An easy way to add a twist to your favourite drink.


Tea - 80 Bags


Tea - Peppermint - Fairtrade 20 bags


Tea - Peppermint - twinnings -  20 bags


Tea - Tetley Green Tea Pure


Veg - tinned - Cut Green Beans 400g