Alexander Miller – Dad


“The person in the family that I saw the least of was my Dad. I guess this was the case in most families back in the day as practically all our dads had jobs. When we got up in the morning to go to school they had long since departed to go to whatever employment they were engaged in.

Looking back, the few times that we spent together were very precious to me for the years go past too quickly. Times change, circumstances alter and before you know it you are an adult yourself with your own set of challenges to deal with.

Memories resurface like snapshots in an old photo album, like hanging on to his hair as carried me on his shoulders back home from grannie’s house. He would pretend to loose his balance, having me believe I was going to be dropped into a neighbour’s garden. He would also perch me on the crossbar of his bike, holding on to the saddle as I held on to the handle bars thinking I was in full control even though my legs barely touched the peddles.

All too quickly time passes and the big burly man you remember as your dad turns sadly to an image of an old man struggling to breathe. His death was a kind release from his suffering from a long illness and for me turned into one of the most challenging times of my life.

After a complete mental and physical breakdown I emerged from it a stronger individual and was able to master my grief by means of my art. I used all the memories that had be given to me in that small family unit in that equally small village of Springside, turning what I remembered into paintings of a bygone and happier era.

So thank you Dad for all that you gave to me, whether you realised it or not, I will cherish all the memories all the days of my life. If my paintings make you the viewer feel the same way about your own personal history then it makes me doubly glad. So I raise a glass to you dad, Cheers!”

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